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Founded on the principles of International Liberties, "International Constitution Wiki", "We the People - International", and "One Nation Revolution - A New International Constitution" is the cornerstone of a new movement to write an International Constitution of Public Rights and Liberties. It is our desire to work together to draft a constitution by which all humans of singular identity have inalienable rights which should be protected at all cost of corporate interest or political disenfranchise. We here set forth to write a new resolve, with disregard for political empowerment of current regimes or future governmental prejudiced. With the help of those of sound logic, and the earnest of necessity in a time of global repression of our writes, we here by stand united as a team to give our voice toward the greater good of those repressed. With the aid and involvement of our group members we will hold ambition to collectively work together to right the injustices of our governing class. We will attempt at every turn to uncover and bring to bear those who have capitalized on the weak, the poor, the voices unheard beneath the feet of governing powers across the globe.

Please join our cause by bringing your concerns and scholarly talents to the table of discussion, written dissertation, and public involvement. As this group matures, management teams will be enlisted to hold different positions of administration.

Please stay involved and if you have any concerns or visionary ideas for improvement, please contact an administrator for assistance.


Michael B. Larson

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